Hi guys, I need help. I’m making a robot to collect customer data. I’m using the get text activity so it can find a text and store this same text in a variable. However, this text changes from client to client, to the point that even using the UI explorer I can’t make the activity find the field I need.
Could anyone help me solve this problem?

Hi @suporte21

The Text is changing for every time, but not the place. If yes, then follow the below,

When indicating the Text in the webpage by Get Text activity, Uncheck the Strict selector and Image and check the Fuzzy selector and select the Ignore Text from the dropdown.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!


Find a common selector and dont include the text or innertext…anything else xna be included based on the selector you get …try to identify two different clients and see the commanality between them


Hello, how do I access this field?

how can i search this element

como acho isso, consegue ne dizer qual versão do uipathvocê usa?