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Do we have any activity in UI path where the UI robot asks for question (like., what is the JD ID you want to read/Scan etc., after scanning the folder?

Yuvarani D

@ydhanabalan ,

Yes using Dialog Box activity, you can make bot to post question and we can reply back to it in live time.

  1. Select Folder Activity → It allow you to scan the folder, which would ask you to select the folder need to be scanned.

  2. Dialog Box activity → How you to post the question to the user during the runtime.

Hope this will help you solve your doubt.

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Hi @ydhanabalan

Use Input Dialog activity


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Use input daialog box activity

In that you can select input type you can see the drop down when click that

Either text or mutiple box


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It wont automatically as anything…you need to write your own logic…for asking questions you can use input dialog box or forms activities and create a form as well


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hey all, that helps
do we have any activity like if or else condition with these input dialog box?

Give output to input dialog box properties
the use If activity then you can write the condition


In the input daialog box activity

You can create mutiple inputs by selecting the input type

Based on the inputs you can create the flows.

If you have more inputs then better to use switch activity after input dialog box


thanks for your immediate response , will check

I have a weird situation here, I have used Job description and resume to match the skills and provide me output in the spreadsheet
but, the weird situation is without the JD itself am getting the output.
How come this is possible ? Do anyone knows?

Can you share the screenshot for clarification


Can you explain or share the activities which you have used and the condition

Which you have used


will the xml code helps?

yes screenshot or code

xml version.docx (15.2 KB)

please send xml file or send screen shot


Can you explain your requirement and what you built…because as per initial understanding looks like you wanted questions to be asked and when you answer get data…now you would have used input dialogs to ask auestions and then how are you extracting data?


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