Activity For getting a Logo from multiple PDF files

Hi, I want to get a logo from multiple PDF files as I don’t want the image just want to know whether the logo exists or not in PDF and get result in Boolean but the problem is that the position of the logo is not fixed it can be present anywhere in PDF. I have tried with image exists, element exists and even other activities but couldn’t get the result.

Hi @Rahul_D

Did you try Read PDF with OCR Activity.


Hi @supriya117
I have not used this activity so can you suggest which OCR Engine should I use.

After using Read Pdf with Ocr activity how can I get the result in Boolean as the result stored here is in Text(String).

Could you please check out this once. I hope it helps.

Hi @Rahul_D ,

Could you let us know if you are able to use the Extract Images from PDF activity and get all images present in the PDF ?

We could then perform a image comparison with the Input image (logo) that you want to compare with the list of images extracted.

However, we can perform the Matching using the Bitmap, GetPixel and compare each Pixel of the Input Images with the Image to Compare and if there is complete match then we result it as a Perfect Match. If the image is not matching completely, that is if there are differences in the size or dimension, then the Bitmap method would not work.

We would need to know if you can extract the images using the activity mentioned and also get the Logo image as a separate image so that we can provide further suggestions.

Let us know if you have already got another solution and you an post it here so that others can also benefit from the solution.

Hi @supermanPunch ,
I am not able to extract the image as its position and dimension is not fixed and talking about the image, the image consists of a small rectangular box and inside that box there is a text so I need to get the result in boolean whether the image is present or not in the PDF.


This is an example of how the image will look like and the text inside will be of 2 letters