Activity fails reporting LoadString(131) or LoadString(102)

Scenario: Running an automation

Steps to reproduce: Start web automation in the Studio

Current Behavior: Tested and valid activity reports LoadString(131) or LoadString(102) and fails

Expected Behavior: Run as usual, no changes to the code

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2018.4

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:
OS Version:
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Hi @Ancher

Could you provide more info about the automation? The LoadString(X) is an indication that there is a small localization bug - those placeholders should normally be replaced by a full string of the specific error (that in turn would give you more information about your issue).

Do you happen to be using a non-English language for your Studio? To quickly reproduce the bug we would need to know the language of your Studio and of your Windows :slight_smile:

Indeed I played with Russian, but switched back to English before I ran the script again. Now its gone, consider it solved. It might need fixing anyway if its related to studio language, should not be the case. Thank you!

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Hi guys,

We have exactly the same issue here: we had a ton of LoadString(X) since we upgraded our robots to a new version able to display several languages.

But, even if the robot, Studio and Orchestrator settings are set in English, some of the logs are still displayed in French (like the “Execution started”).
And as I wrote, we have all the LoadString messages which are very annoying.

Do you have any idea about fixing that?

Hi @Remi_S

What is your version of Studio and the UiAutomation package?

Hi @loginerror

Studio and UiAutomation package use the 2018.4.3 version.
But I think we have found where the issue comes from: when installing the new robot version, the installer asks for a language. At first, we let French here, even if afterwards we set the robot logs in English in the robot parameters when installed.

But then we tried to reinstall the robots, putting English language as preference in the installer this time, and the LoadString issue disappeared!
So I guess it comes from the Installer preferences, and we need to be careful when installing the robot, since we cannot revert the language preferences without desinstalling robot.