Activity 'Execute Macro' has no timeout?


I have a process where I am using 3x the activity ‘Execute Macro’.
The activity doesn’t seem to have any “Timeout”-property.

If one of these macros fail, the process will run forever until I manually kill it from Orchestrator.
I have unfortunately on several occasions discovered this “too late”, which have resulted in a massive queue of robots wanting to claim a (now unavailable) license to run.

execute macro

Hi @bobzbobz ,

Currently this options is not available. @uipath Need to implement this logic in this activity.


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Hi @bobzbobz

Yes this is not available and ideally any errors in macro that you run should be handled in macro itself using a try catch in your macro


I agree, but also think that UiPath should be able to handle timeout in case of badly made macros.

In my own particular case I have nothing to do with the macros, I only handle results based on activation of those.

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I have now submitted a bug report in Studio regarding this missing timeout option.
I dont know if @uipath has taken a look at this post and perhaps have a solution/explanation?

Fortunately the latest version of Orchestrator offers option to send alert after X amount of time when running, and kill job after X amount of time not completed.
I am using this as a temporary solution to the missing timeout-property.

killing job

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