Activity - Currency Exchange Rate Convertor

Please note there is a custom activity that you can use in your workflows to obtain the currency exchange rate between two given currencies for a given date.

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Hi @Devarajan_Sundaresan ,

Are you trying to create a FAQ? You can create one and tag it in the FAQ category but you have to provide more details.


Hey @Devarajan_Sundaresan

Congratulations in getting the cool component published!!

While being curious about this component, just wanna ask a small question… Does it give the currency rate for each day by getting it from the internet? Or from where does it get the currency rate of that particular day?

Why I asked is because I’m wondering whether I can make use of this in one of my workflows :smiley:


No. I am not trying to create an FAQ. These custom activities are simple and I have explained their functions in the description in the marketplace.

Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando - It takes the date as an input and gives the exchange rate for that particular date. You can provide “Now” if you want to get the exchange rate for the current date.
If you leave the To_Currency input blank, it gives you the rate for all the currencies for that date.

It uses the internet API

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Wow… that’s amazing…

Great work bro… and thanks for clarifying!! Looking forward to use it :slight_smile:

Thanks. There is one more set of custom activity to retrieve places for a postal code and postal code for a place. If you need it you can use them too.

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