Activity Creator with .NET 6 Support is now released

Hi @mdiv Whenever I added any .dll file in NuGet Package it is showing these three errors I don’t know how to handle these errors. Can you please help me in this. Thankyou

Short guide to how I did it:
First create the lib by rightclicking the Package contents

Now rightclick the lib folder

Mark the new folder and click F2 to rename it:

Add your dll file(s) to the folder.
Go to your metadata (CTRL + K) and edit dependencies

Click the add groups, and name the target framework

As soon as you add the DLL file it will be red in health, but for me it still works.
It was a lot easier in the old Creator, that created the nuget package for me :wink:

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Hi @mdiv Thankyou it is working fine now.

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Hi @mdiv hope you are doing well. I am facing this issue when I am trying to run that custom activity. Can you please help me in this.?

Are you using VS 2022 to create your code? and the newest version of UiPath Activity Creator?
To me it seems like your using the old version since it request version 4.0.0 instead of 6.0.*

When I try to create the project, I get such an error. I tried with two different computers but the result is the same.

VS 2022 17.7.0 Community and Activity Creator 4.0

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Can confirm i get this aswell.

@DeanMauro @marian.platonov help

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Any one found fix? Even I’m facing similar issue. I have tried insatlling Activity Creator v3 and redid all the code work but still I cannot get proper result. I cannot find my nuget package from UiPath Studio after publishing.

Not me. Nothing works as easy as the V3 / Legacy, and all I get is “dead air” from UiPath.

You would think there would be a V5 that works a little better(at all) by now.

What a disappointment. 2 days of trying to follow this simple example

and I cannot get it to work. I am using visual studio community 17.7. I cannot even get the first step done in the tutorial.

I really cannot believe UiPath is not keeping this up to date. I am switching my education to MS Power Automate because it actually works.

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I’m using VS 2022 Community 17.6.5 with Activity Creator 4.0 and doesn’t seem to be having these issues. Currently making some updates to a component built using the same extension a few months ago.

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Note to all, a few months ago I figured out why I couldn’t get a good build after adding an activity.
The depth of the sub-folders and lengthy filenames of autogenerated code that included what seemed like GUIDs. The total length of the path with my project organizational folder depth, was longer that 255 characters and stuff began to break.
I’m not sure if anyone cares, but it would be appreciated if some design consideration is given in V5 to overcome these obstacles.