Activity Creator extension for Visual Studio issue

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I like to build my own SharePoint activities. For that I’m using Activity Creator extension for Visual Studio which delivers a UiPath Standard Activity Project.

For the authentication process I must install the NuGet package “AppForSharePointOnlineWebToolkit”. After the installation in a Console Application Project I get the classes “TokenHelper.cs” and “SharePointContext.cs”.

If I try to install the NuGet package “AppForSharePointOnlineWebToolkit” in an UiPath Standard Activity Project those classes are missing after the installation. I assume it has something to do with inner structure of an UiPath Standard Activity Project (“TokenHelper.cs” and “SharePointContext.cs”). Would someone of you mind to help me with that issue?


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This is expected behavior. Console Apps and Class Libraries are different project types and do not behave in the same way. When adding the nuget package to the class libraries created by the extension, it is used as a reference. You have to write the code that actually uses that reference.

Please note that the extension produces standard .NET class libraries and C# classes. Please explore Microsoft’s documentation to understand how these projects work (.NET class libraries | Microsoft Learn)

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Hey Dean,

thank you for your answer. I am writing the the activity now as Class Library (.Net Framework). Is there a reason why .Net Standard is used instead of .Net Framework?


The activities still use .Net Framework, but use the SDK-style projects commonly seen in .Net Standard/Core. We found them easier to work with.

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