Activity could not be loaded because of errors in XAML!

hi does anyone know how to fix this issue I get this error every time when i close my ui path completely and open my projects another day ,the projects run on the previous day but don’t run the next day,and i have to make them again and again!!
Please let me know how to fix this issue

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Please be so kind to install all the packages.

Go to activities

Click on the package icon, then available > Gallery and install all the packages not installed to avoid this cases in the future.



Thanx beesheep it worked !!
Best Regards

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I am facing the same issue
I tired to install all the packages when ever I login to the application and then again if I close and open the application… The same error is popping up
Can you find me some solution regarding this issue !
Should I check in to the auto update checkbox in manage packages window?

Thank you in Advance,


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where is UiPath installed, which is the version?

make sure the packages are being installed on the root folder.


I have installed uipath on my personal laptop with 2016 version
when ever I close and open the application I am facing the same issue and also I have been installing all the packages whenever I signed into the application!
so it is being a problem for me to drag the already designed xaml files and work on it
what exactly I should do now? am new to ui path so please guide me clearly about the root folder

I am still facing the same issue even after updating the packages, could any one please help me out.