Activity Could not be loaded Because of errors in the XAML - PDF Extraction example

Demo project downloaded from
is having this error as attached
My version of UiPath is : 2018.3.1 (Community Edition)UiPath_PDF_Extraction_error

Hi Sarmahari!

It’s about your project dependencies. You have to download the packages that you are using - probably the PDF package


Thanks for the quick reply

I downloaded dependencies and I could run. However, while running the example, I got error as
“message”: “Assign: Index was outside the bounds of the array.”,
“level”: “Error”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “18:55:21”,
“processVersion”: “”,
“jobId”: “cdb56ebf-1a7f-44a9-b0ab-12ce28c09b8d”,
“robotName”: “ADMIN”,
“machineId”: 0,
“fileName”: “Main”

I did not make any changes to the program. I just simply removed json file (as I was getting error about version).
Something changed since 2015 (Demo project files show 10-aug-2015)

Sarma Hari

The problem now is that the index of your array is outside the bounds of the array.
Your array is initialized or u are passing enough values to the the position that u want in the array?

I just ran the demo project I downloaded from the above path. I did not make any change

I did not do anything. I just downloaded and the demo project and ran. Either demo project is wrongly coded or UiPath PDF processing changed since then (2015).

I found this problem too, every time I open or create a new project, I have to download the packages that I have installed again.

So, when I already installed the PDF package in project A, but I open the project B, the above problem will occur. the solution is to install the package again and reopen the project.

Did this demo project run for you without any problem after downloading the dependencies?

Hi Sarma!

So I just run the demo and I have also the same problem.
After that I did a couple of things in the code and the workflow just work fine. You can see in the attach the workflow that I did. If you dont’t understand anything just let me know

Main.xaml (17.7 KB)

It works exactly in the way I was expecting. Thanks Guilherme Bernardo

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You’re welcome!
Please mark the solution as solved :slight_smile:

I did it. Thanks