Activities Pane Remains above Main Window

I accidentally dragged and dropped the activities pane half way off the screen. Now it is stuck in place hovering above the main window. I cannot get rid of it. Even restarting UiPath Studio or even Windows doesn’t fix it. It just comes back. Any help would be great.

Oh yes I should mention that I did try to reset all settings to default. It did not work either.

Also note that the activities pane still actually works, I can select activities that I can see. As well, the pane is only visible when UiPath Design or Debug tabs are selected but is anchored to the top centre of the screen and not the UiPath Studio window.


Can you try reset settings?


That did not work.


Can you try the following steps? (Although it’s not official way)

  1. Close Studio
  2. copy %Userprofile%AppData\Roaming\UiPath\UiStudio.v2.settings to other place (for backup)
  3. Open UiStudio.v2.settings using text editor (notepad etc)
  4. Find Location attribute which is near ToolWindowsContainer. There is probably negative value.

  1. Modify it to positive value.

Note: Please restore UiStudio.v2.settings file if any trouble occurs.


Problem solved. I was able to resize the pane by dragging it out from the side. It popped out of the centre and I was able to move it back to its home.


The problem was solved by resizing the pane.

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