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Since version 2021.10.4 the translation of the StudioX panel activities has regressed compared to the previous version despite the “French” option activated in the settings.

Do you know if there is a setting or a package to translate all activities? If not, do you know the strategy of UiPath concerning the translation of activities in French, is it planned for the future?

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@loginerror may help here.

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Hey @louis.ragon

If I understand it correctly, the activities are still in English for you even though you chose French for your Studio language?

Never mind, I’ve tested it myself. I’ll check with our team about it.

Hi @loginerror !

That’s exactly what it is. I run a community of 30 citizen developers who are not fluent in English and for whom finding activities is not easy.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Good day to you.

I have a small update after discussing with our team, see below :slight_smile:

French is a partially localized language, this means that Activity names, and properties are kept in English while everything else is translated. This is the approach decided after studying the market and feedback received from our users.
We are analyzing the possibility of switching to a fully translated UI for French in a future release.
Thank you

This should clarify our current approach. I also directly forwarded your latest message about the difficulties you are facing to our team for further feedback.


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