Activites are not responding properly

Uipath Activites are not responding properly for different environments(i.e some activites are working fine in dev environment but those are not responding properly in production environment),can any clarify me on this topic,why this will happen?

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Hi @Jyothirmai_Bhavanam,
We need more details. Are both environments on same Studio, Robot, Orchestrator version? Which activities are not working and how those are configured? It’s hard to say why you have this problem when we know nothing about project and environment.

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Hi @Pablito
Versions are same for Studio,Robot,Orchestor in Both Dev and production environement.
Most of the times Click activity and type into activity failing

I’m not 100% sure but it seems that there are some slight difference between applications you are automating for environment. If you have possibility check selectors for same failing activities between DEV and Prod environment.