Active Accessibility stopped working after Chrome update


I have a big issue with Chrome Update. I have Studio 22.10.5 and using UiAutomation 22.10.5. Chrome extension is 22.10.6.

I was programming some web pages with Active Accessibility option in selector. For. ex. I had to print PDF from some government web page and click button “Save”:

It was working with AA option, Default setting was not working at all in that case. After Chrome update extension doesn’t see element in that window. This is just one of the cases I have. Now only possible option in this case is looking for some shortcuts or OCR Click. I can not accept this approach because of the reliability.

I noticed that problem on Production virtual machine. In my developer environment it was not appearing until I updated Chrome.

Previous version where AA was working:

New version, where AA stopped:


We have sent ticket to support but the problem is urgent so maybe some of you know the solution? Please help…

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not sure if you have already gave try or it will work in your case but can you give a try

append --force-renderer-accessibility along with your url and check if it works


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I should use it as an argument in Use app/browser activity?

yes give it as argument or append to your url any thing is fine

better try both and check if any luck


That’s solution for my trouble :slight_smile: THANK YOU! <3

For anyone who will find that issue too:

If you open browser with this argument make sure that there is no other Chrome session (for ex by killing chrome). First opened chrome should have that argument. I checked that if had one web app where I dont need that option and opening another web app with that option it is not working.

Your Chrome process need to be set with that argument in the moment when it starts.

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The latest Chrome and Edge update (114.0.1823.37) break the way Active Accessibility starts, which affects browser automation via UIAutomation.Activities.

We are actively working on providing a fix as soon as possible.

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