Activation of Community Edition returns error -4304


im trying to install Ui Path Studio in other 2 machines to run a package that I designed. I only really need the UI Robot, but I think it stills have to install the uipathstudio.

The problem is that when I try to install it I get error -4304 in both machines. The manual activation is not available to click. Does anyone know whats happening?

Hello there,
Do you have firewall/antivirus restriction?
You need to White list in the firewall licensing server:

Yes for CE you don’t have manual option ,only if you have a valid license key you could then activate it manually.

please see below post for the reference

I can access whitout any trouble.

I installed Ui Path Studio on my machine like 1 month ago. I remember that I had to disconnect the ethernet cable. Now I am trying to install it again in others machines I cant figure out how I did it.

This would be a great step on my current project.


PS: How do I get this valid license key for the CE?

There is no license key for ce