Activation failed with error: 1030

Activation failed with error: 1030
Error description: Operation failed due to a network connection error. Please check your Internet connection or retry. If the problem persists please contact us here.

Computer: SYQ119263
User Name: axa675


Ensure that your computer has a stable and active Internet connection. Verify that you can access websites without any issues.
If your network uses a proxy server, ensure that the proxy settings are correctly configured in UiPath Studio and Robot. Go to UiPath Studio’s backstage view (File → Backstage View), click on the “Settings” tab, and then “Proxy” to check and configure the proxy settings if required.

I’m connected to the network but the issue still persist, It is a community license so I really not sure what to do. Any help?

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Check on this thread

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Hello, as I mentioned I’m connected to the network (I’m using my laptop’s work) and I can access the web without issues. However the error persist.

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Check out this thread. It might help you.


not working, for some reason is asking me for machine key I don’t see the option added in the screenshot so I’m still stuck.

Hi @Alejandra_Maria_Avila

To get the Client ID/ Machine key from Orchestrator to login to the UiPath Studio.
=> Login to Orchestrator and switch to tenant tab.
=> In Tenant switch to machines tab, In that it will appear one machine that you connected.
=> Click on 3 dots of that machine, a window opens.
=> Click on edit machine, You can see the client ID, copy the client ID.
=> Login to the UiPath Studio application, then you can paste the Client ID to login to Studio.

Check the below link for better understanding.

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