Activation error


Peñafiel Beltran, Gonzalo
October 04, 2016 10:07 NONE
Hi, when I try to activate UiPath Studio by using a free license I get the following error:

Any idea?



Mihai Badita October 04, 2016 16:57

  1. Whitelist in the firewall our licensing server:

  2. Alternatively you can opt for an offline activation ( in case you have a license key.


Apart from url, Any specific ports that have to given permissions for Activation to work?


I am also facing the same above issue of UIpath not connecting

Can some technical person look into it and let us know.

I have already asked for port information but no one knows



I have troubles with the activation, using the regutil command, the error description says SOAP Couldn’t connect to host, with the error code -4304. Any idea?




Can you help on above error please?