Activating the excel sheet which is already opened to do some clicks

more than one excel is present in the bottom panel.How can i activate the excel sheet. I have used Activte window activity but it is showing selector exception, and also tried with get active window but seems to be does nto work . Could anyone please help me.

what selector exception error you are getting?

Get Active window will return only that window which is already currently active and in your case it would be different because your excel is present in the bottom panel as u have mentioned :slight_smile:


yes, for Activate activity i am getting selector exception.So how can i proceed??

that is why what selectors exception error you are getting? and will you share your selector string here?

This is the selector i am using.

And getting error as “selector not found”

Thanks in advance

i copy and paste the selector but i am not able to see

this is the selector

click on preformattedtext option to paste html tags.
or you can upload screenshot of selector.

preformatted text

follow this see in your editor while posting and you can see at your right hand side it is showing or not.


Thank you Aksh and ddpadil

Well one question "your taskbar has a setting to “Combine buttons”? or not combine?

yes aksh

May in know what actually your trying to click on excel.
which tab or option in excel.

it’s a maro file . To start the macro i am clicking on one button in sheet.

well you can use execute macro acitivty

Or you could set shortcut key to macros if your excel in Citrix.

I dont think it is in citrix. she is getting selectors Mr. @ddpadil :stuck_out_tongue:

Bingo.!:rofl: Didn’t see that coming.

Thank you
but after executing macro also, i have some work to do with excel like i need to check some column values