Activate Window - which user rights / or rights of the robot.exe

What are the requirments of user /service rights to grant the robot full functionality?

We have an orchestrator setup, and on the devolpment server the “Activate window” works how it should work. (we have power user rights there)

On the live enviroment, the procces is published but the “Activate Window” does not work.
I"m guessing it has todo with rights or some restrictions. the user are “restricted”

can you please share the selector for “Attach Window” command?

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do you mean Get active window or Actvate activity
it doesn’ have any relation to the power user
it just brings the ui element or a window foreground to the screen

kindly correct me if i m wrong
Cheers @DirkDC

Wel the problem is not the selector, since it works on the development machine.
It doesn’t work on production.
The only diference is that the user rights are different, and the restrictions on applications are stronger.
So the only thing that i can think of, is that is has todo something with security rights

It is the “Activate Window” activity, to switch between 2 browers.
The flow wil not work since some action can’t be “simulated” on the website, so the browser has to be set active first.