Activate Unnatended License in a Machine without UiPath Studio

Hi all,

I’m trying to activate an unnatended license in a machine which only has UiRobot (does not have UiPath Studio) using the cmd application and using the regutil command. However when I try to do it, the cmd says that the email is not correct.

Could you help me to solve it?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @csanchezsa

If you are using community version then I think you have the same query as this one


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Hi @csanchezsa

Please contact our licencing support in case you have issues with activating your licence.

Have you tried the offline activation?

  1. Generate an activation certificate from the command line, by writing something like:
    regutil.exe get-activation-cert / /code=1234567890 /out_file=E:\certificate.txt .
  2. On a machine with a connection to the internet, navigate to this URL: The activation portal is displayed.
  3. In the Activation Code field, paste the information in the certificate generated at step 1.
  4. Click Activate . An activation response code is generated.
  5. Save the generated response to a .txt file.
  6. On the machine used at step 1, activate the license offline, as follows: regutil.exe activate /offline /code=1234567890 /response_file=D:\response.txt .