Activate Orchestrator license with no internet



Having issues with activating the orchestrator as server that is not connected to external network.

"Error #14: cannot activate license: Error code: -4304, License status: 0, Error description: SOAP couldn’t connect to host"

Can you please advice on a work around this issue.



In short from a Studio or Robot installation that has internet access you:

  1. Use the regutil.exe to activate a license.
  2. Use the regutil.exe to export the license
  3. Upload the exported license to Orchestrator on the License page
  4. Profit

There are also details in the regutil documentation if you don’t have a machine that can activate a license online, to manually use the portal after generating a certificate with regutil.

More in-depth details are in the Orchestrator and Robot guides.


Thanks, that solved the issue.



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