Action not supported by this type of element. please use another type of click

Hello All
i am using click Activity but robo is gving me such errors
“action not supported by this type of element. please use another type of click”
can anyone help me resolve this

This might be because there is no selector for that particular element, did you try Click Image?


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<html app='chrome.exe' title='Order: * - Microsoft Dynamics CRM' />
<webctrl id='contentIFrame0' tag='IFRAME' />
<webctrl parentid='new_shippingnotes' tag='DIV' />

this is my selectorUntitled

Hmmm I think Click Image would work, however can you share the URL so that I can try?



i cant share the url as it wont work out side office domain

No problem, I had that feeling seeing the selector any ways, please try click image.



What type of field is it?

hello brother its a text box

Try SetFocus if you just want to focus on the textbox.
Let see if it works.

i wanna use typeinto activity also to enter the account no

Just try typeinto with ClickBeforeTyping enabled.
If your form does does not work with that then try set focus before typeinto

hello brother i need ur small help

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i need to stop the flow if it dont get the desired out put how can i do that i use kill process with process name uipath.executor but it gives me error message
how can i solve it
pls suggest

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Im not sure why you have used kill process to stop workflow execution.
Rather once you are not getting desired output you can but a check IF which will check you flag and it is false it will do nothing and go all the way to the end. If you are in a loop then you can use either Continue(to got to next item) or Break (to exit the loop and goto next)

but here it continues executing the flow
and in the end it throws me error

how can i do background automation for click menus by Recording ??

Hey Guys I was also encountered with the same issue because I enabled the AfterIfDisabled and SimulateClick then I made this two option false and click activity worked.