Action items assigned to one user account can be accessed or viewed by multiple user action center account in uipath action center

When users open the Action Items dashboard, they will see a list of Action Items assigned to them as well as other users action items?
It is a security threat if the action item information has been shared across non-domain users.

In general, You can assign these Action Items to other users on your Simplifya account, and when you do, they’ll receive an email notification. Action Items are a way to easily assign and track the remediation of compliance issues to ensure it actually gets fixed. Action Items give you a way to track and resolve non-compliant issues from your audits

Hi @Varad_Daangat,

No, that’s not how it works.

You can control what users can see there.

If you are assigning user an action center admin role wherein that user has an ‘action assignment’ feature enabled that means that user will see all the unassigned and assigned actions to be able to reassign or assign it to himself whenever required.

Under Manage my actions - users with admin rights can see all unassigned actions and can assign it to any other user.

Under My actions - users can only see actions assigned to him/her.

So you would have to create different action center roles to control the visibility of actions and assign to each user accordingly.

On high level, action center admin with all rights and action center user with limited rights is definitely required but you can create as many roles required.


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Thanks for the response Sonali Aggarwal
I am checking multiple options into Action Assignment permission and update you if this solution works for me.
I think 2nd option is more helpful to create different Action center roles wherein users can only see his/her action items in the action center account.

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Yes @Varad_Daangat,

There are multiple ways to control this, finally depends how you want to achieve this :slight_smile:


HI @Varad_Daangat,

Now that your query is resolved, could you please close this topic?


Yes Sonali,

I have marked both the topic as solution.

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