Action centre with Re framework

Hi all

Is it possible to include actions within Re framework?
let’s say in the end state?


Hi @Rajeena_M

Can you elaborate what you are asking?

What kind of actions do you want to include?

To answer any activity activity can be included anywhere in RE framework


So at the end of data entry( which is in ReF, using Queue ) I need to create action centre tasks for the user, to upload another file. once this file get uploaded by the user that should trigger another bot

Hi @Rajeena_M

Yes you can create a task at the end .

I believe you mean a Form task


Actually I tried creating the tasks in the End state of ReF, but its giving me the error
System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot serialize the DataTable. DataTable name is not set

yes , form task and assign to the User

HI @Rajeena_M

The error says something else. There is some issue with the datatable or input that you are providing


actually data row is the items from the queue, entry happens without any error. task is getting generated ,the error is on wait for form task and resume activity


Can you elaborate what the error is? and exactly where you are getting and also what are you trying to pass?

And why are you waiting again? don’t you want to create a task and end?

Ideally if you want to end and check in another process if that is completed or not then use get form tasks instead and check for its existence


the error is exactly what i mentioned earlier on the wait for task and resume activity.

once the user does the download and click the submit , that has to end the process and trigger another process.


Can you show what properties you set in the activity ?

Did you pass the create form task output? And are you passing something else?

Some value you gave looks like an issue.print them or check if all are correct


This is not accurate. Persistence activities, which are being asked for here, cannot be placed anywhere, they must be on the entry point workflow.

This is a rather trivial error.
When a process is suspended all the data currently in scope is serialized and sent to the Orchestrator where it is stored, when the job is resumed the data is sent back and deserialized so it can pick up where it left off. This means all the data you have in memory at the time must be serialized. Any variables or arguments that cannot be serialized will cause an error like this.

In this scenario you have a data table which is missing a name property, this prevents it from being serialized.

The solution is simple, either make sure that data table is not in scope when you do the wait activity, or if it is needed in that scope then assign a name property to it before serializing. Its as simple as mytableVariable.Name = "Test" You can do it in an assign activity.


Hi @Jon_Smith

Thanks for correcting. What i mean there was it can be placed in any state of the re framework. Because the question is more pointing on if it can be used in end state…so i was referring to the state machien. But yes as you thought, others might also get confused. This would clear it


Thank you for the explanation.

resolved the issue, thank you

thanks, for the help,

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Happy to help, best of luck in the rest of your project Rajeena.

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