Action Center-OnPrem-An Unexpected Error Occurred, please try again later

The installation has been done successfully, the client is able to access Action Center but it gives an error, Oops, something went wrong and no actions are displayed.

This issue can be identified when the Installation has been done successfully but the client is unable to access Action Center and accessing https://ACTION_CENTER_URL/actioncenterservice does not respond back with 200.

In order to solve this issue:

  1. Install .NET Hosting Bundle from the GUI, this would install the missing .NET Core Runtime and Action Center will start running.
  2. Download ASP.NET Core 3.1 Runtime (v3.1.16) - Windows Hosting Bundle Installer (

If the issue still persists:
  • Ensure that the web.config file for action center is valid. It shouldn't have any duplicate attributes as well as ensure that the format(XML) is correct.

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Figured it out thanks