Action Center - Key Observations

Our client is in the process of migrating from Abby to UiPath, we made some interesting observations regarding the ease of operations in Abby compared to UiPath. Here are a few key observations from the team:

•In Abby, when line items in an invoice span across multiple pages, users can simply select one line item and choose the “Continue Line Items” option, which automatically extracts all the line items spread across the pages. However, in Action Center, users need to select and extract the line items from each page. The time taken to process the invoice( with line items in 13 pages) in the Action Center was 45 minutes, whereas it took 6 minutes in Abby.

•In the Action Center, when it comes to validating line items, the details open below the PDF. However, the team has found it challenging to validate results due to the difficulty of zooming in on a normal web page. To view the rows at the bottom, the team needs to zoom out by approximately 60%. Please refer to the attached screenshot for reference.

Hi @AI_GPT ,

It does look like you have repeated the paragraphs and we are not able to understand the full context or thought of your explanation but however we do understand the comparison being done. Do avoid repetitions as there is a chance of Post being marked as Spam :slight_smile:

It would also be helpful if you could show us screenshots of the Abby Validation Station , so a more clearer understanding or comparison could be taken into consideration.

We can also wait for this :slight_smile:

@AI_GPT can you please share what screen resolution you are typically working on?

1280x720 is my screen resolution

Thank you, we put this on our roadmap with higher priority.