Action Center Form Output (Hidden Fields)

Hello Everyone,

I am using UiPath forms for a process where humans interact so that I have required Information to proceed further.

Can someone help me with Action Center Form (Hidden data fields) output?

I have designed a Form which is convenient to the user. There are a few fields which are hidden in the background and will only pop up based on a condition that user has selected.

The user inputs data, and once he/she submits the Task in Action Center I receive the data to a Queue.

The problem now is:

  1. While receiving data (user input) to the queue, error message appears saying: “Object reference not set to instance of an object”
    As far as I know, there is an empty value being passed to the Queue. That in my case is Hidden field output

  2. If I assign a Default value to the hidden fields and by chance if the user erases the default value then the same error follows: “Object reference not set tot instance of an object”

  3. If I make the fields visible, I don’t receive any error. But, which is not convenient from the user side.

Did someone experience such issues? Can someone please help me here?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Hey @pulluri_venugopal_rao

In this case, when you kept a default value for the hidden input it worked right ?


@pulluri_venugopal_rao Action Center is itself human in loop. So we cannot involve robot to perform any action here. Since the users has to do actions based on the condition they selected, you can request them not to erase the default values if they were not supposed to work with that condition

HI @Nithinkrishna

Yeah it worked when a default value is included. But, if end user erases the default value then it shows up as an error.

Thank you

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Hey @pulluri_venugopal_rao

You can use the Advanced Logic option to assign a default value whenever it is empty before form submission.

Hope this helps.


Hi @ushu

I can request them not to erase. But in scenarios where they erase the hidden values by mistake?

This default value field is a hidden field where it pops up upon a condition selected by user. Then the user tries to erase hidden values and give input whatever required.

I will also explain you here with an example:

User verifies data in PDF form displayed in Action center Form and compares data and writes required information into the fields provided.

Here, is a condition in the form, where user selects a Boolean condition (if multiple Invoice numbers available?)

If available: they click boolean condition ‘YES’ and hidden field pops up. Here the user inputs data.

In certain conditions if user realize there are no multiple Invoice numbers provided in PDF and they select boolean condition ‘NO’ and the field is hidden back again

In such situations, after user submits the form. Adding data to a queue results in an error

Thank you

HI @Nithinkrishna
Can you please be more specific?

@Nithinkrishna If possible, can you show that with an example?