Action Center Document Training - Resumed Problem

Hi , I have developed a process to train document using action Center.

It’s working in Studio Debug Mode using following steps:

  • Target item available in uipath Q
  • Once I started Debug in Studio
  • Target item will be picked by the bot and turned status as inprogress
  • Data moving into Storage bucket
  • Documents are appears in Action Center in Unassigned
  • I manullay pulled to Pening and validated and submitted
  • Studio Debug status was turned into Resumed and again I clicked on Resumed , it was processed all other steps (training data sets and marking queue items ) successfully.

The Problem I am facing , when I start running in robot tray or unattended mode it was showing resumed in Jobs and robot running icon disappeared but nothing happened after submitting documents. Any idea?

Hi @SrenivasanKanna ,

Do you have an Unattended Robot License setup for this ?

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I just allocated an unattended license, it’s working fine.

@supermanPunch I have one more doubt, the trained data sets are stored in Datasets in AI center with the name fine-tune.

Consider I am going to Schedule the pipeline with this fine-tune folder.

  1. How is my minor version getting updated automatically in the next schedule?
    like 6 to 7 and 7 to 8

  2. Assume that through the action center there are only a trained few documents 5 or 6, is that enough to run auto pipeline? or is there any limit like Data manager?

Is my scheduled pipeline chosen options are correct as per screen shot?

@SrenivasanKanna ,

When Training/Retraining the models, it is required to choose the export folder, as the fine-tune folder only contains only the data submitted through the ML Trainer activity and not the whole of the Dataset.

The Image doesn’t show Auto Training being enabled using the environment variable, Do Check the post below. It contains most of the clarifications to your questions.

The Automatic Update of ML Package retrained version in ML Skills can be applied by Managing the ML Skill by Clicking on Modify Current Deployment on the ML Skill and Enabling Auto Update.

If the concern is Training on which minor version, then whatever is the selected version it will retrain on it. But there is an explanation provided in the documentation as the version to be chosen is always recommended to be 0 (Base version).

This case is also often the real case scenario, hence this should be fine. But understanding the documentation will help you realise that it will not only be these documents, it will be these new Data + Old Data that the Training Pipeline will be executed on.

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Thank you for your detailed explanation, i will check and arrange this as per the documentation.

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