Action Center auto-refresh

One thing I noticed is that the Action Center doesn’t auto-refresh. That is, if a person is on the Action Center page and a new task is assigned, this person has to manually refresh the page in order to see this new action.
Now, think of a situation where many new tasks appears on a constant basis. The fact that you have to keep refreshing the page every time you get a notification is not satisfactory at all…

Am I missing something or does this feature really doesn’t exist?

Thanks, I sent this feedback to our internal tool to be considered for future versions :slight_smile:

Hi @pedro.cavadas
Thanks for your feedback. Auto-refresh is a missing feature today
Could you please give me some insights on , how often does the users in your organization interface with Action Center., do they handle actions periodically (twice a day or first thing in the morning etc) or as & and when actions are created?
Will an email notification from the workflow with direct navigation to an assigned action help such users who would like to act on it immediately whenever robot creates an action?

Well, we don’t have this kind of information yet, as we were just testing everything before actually trying to put it into production. For now, we were thinking about having a person, or maybe even a client in the future, who wouldn’t have access to the robot, using Action Center while the robot is processing the documents and sending them there. We are talking about hundreds of documents at least.

We have experience with the ABBYY Flexicapture Distributed. The way it works there is we have 2 options: manually refreshing the documents (the default state), or selecting the automatic way, in which as soon as a document needs validation, it automatically appears in the screen of the operator so the validation can be done. Once the validation is made, it returns to the previous screen and starts waiting for another document to come.

I guess the email notification is useful in cases in which there aren’t many documents to be validated, or at least there is some time between the arrival of new documents. But as I said, my company plans to deal with hundreds of documents, so hundreds of email notifications would be impracticable.