Acme website Search for client checks is not working

So right now on Acme website ( the Search For Client Checks search is not working (as shown in picture 1 and 2).

Just wanted to get some attention to this because this website is great for testing.
Idk who should I report this to so I am posting this here.


Hi @srdjan.suc,
Thanks for the information. Case has been reported to proper team. Will let you know about any feedback :slight_smile:

I’ve got information that problem has been fixed :rocket: . But please keep in mind that if you will provide wrong data or such check doesn’t exist you will see blank unauthorized page still.

So fast! :slight_smile: Issue has been solved.

I also have one more question (this problem is may be caused by my browser but I will post it here anyway).

When I find the Check Details on Acme Website the check picture is not there.
I’ve tested this on Chrome and IE pictures bellow

Any suggestions?

Hmmm not sure about this. In my case it looks just like this:

Have you tried to clean cache and cookies?

I am sorry I didn’t link you the page.
You page is when there is no client check on Acme website, my page is when there is a client check on Acme website.
I’ve cleaned my cache and cookies but the result is same.
Check that used to be on that website was similar to this:

Thanks for the example. You’re right, indeed something is wrong here. Reported as well. Will let you know about fix :slight_smile:

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It is fixed now.
Thank you for being awesome and fast (I kinda needed that for some demos)

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