ACME-test website now showing no elements

Hi all,

Currently doing the Advanced Dev test, and I’m in the unfortunate position where nothing on the ACME website is selectable (In chrome). I remember in the past when I was doing training it was, is this a change to add to the complication or an issue/incorrect load of the site? Checking the dev tools for the site it appears it’s now javabased, although when I start mining down I can see some of the html, although I can’t get UiExplorer or the more basic element selector to identify any of it.

Any insight or reading I could do would be great, can’t see any mention of this anywhere else?



Hello @Alex_Cross I just accessed the ACME test site and was able to do UiAutomations on it.
Perhaps this is a problem with your Chrome extension? You can also test using IE and check if you’re still having this issue with the test site.


Using IE now for test, haven’t had issues with other Chrome pages but will check after, thanks