ACME Test website not working ERROR 502!

I am not able to login to ( website.

Error 502 Ray ID: 4d6b1103b99bb035 • 2019-05-14 07:12:54 UTC

Bad gateway

Could some one help me please.

Thank You,

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HI @Zehra,

Server is down now, try after sometime :slight_smile:

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Thank you for information :+1: I will update here when I will have any information about the website.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for inconvenience. The Acme website is now working. We really appreciate and want to thank you all for information :slight_smile:

thank you so much @Pablito

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Hi ,

The site again seems to be down.


Hello Guys,
Seems that we had some server maintenance at evening related to previous issues with Acme website. All should work now.

Hello! The site seems to be down again.


Hey @Pablito
The site is still not working. It is showing Error 502- Bad Gateway

Seems the maintainance is going on… May be we can try after few minutes

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Website is still down, what is the issue?

We can’t take the certification exam…:sleepy:

Its running now, you can take the exam :slight_smile:

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Again website is down :cry:


Website is down again… Can someone please fix this as soon as possible? What causes this issue? This is not the first time this week, since wednesday there were issues with the acme-test website.

ACME test platform is down again. Can you please fix this? I can’t do my course exercises…

(I fear this problem would appears again just when I try and pass the certification test.)

ACME test is not available again

The website is now available. Thank you!

Hello! The site seems to be down again.

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the site is down again!!

I am currently in the midst of my certification exam and am unable to proceed without the functioning of the ACME Test Site! Please restore ASAPPPPP