Acme-test Unauthorized? Performer Workflow, Advanced Course


best options so far… refer this


Now it is stuck at the Upload Yearly Report file dialog. It is supposed to enter the file path into the file path field, but instead it freezes and does nothing. I checked the in_ReportPath argument to be correct.


which part does it fail exactly during the upload? The typeinto activity or something else?


It fails at the Type Into activity into the file path box


post the selector here for type into please… the issue is with the type into selector.


also print the in_reportPath arg to know the value has been passed correctly and it isnt blank



<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' title='Choose File to Upload' />
<wnd ctrlid='1148' />

Entering in_ReportPath: C:\UIPATH ADVANCED\GENERATE YEARLY REPORT\Performer\Data\Temp\Yearly-Report-2017-IT213456.xlsx

(this is the exact Write Line printout)


check the attach sequence window boundary (your typeinto activity maybe lying outside the upload as dialogue box sequence)

you can try adding a new attach window activity specifically for the upload dialgoue box and in that put typeinto


Edited the workflow to use Attach Window, still facing the same issue

Here is the latest version: (537.6 KB)


Remove the K enter part after path variable in type into then try

instead use click on Open


Now it doesn’t type in anything, and just clicks the Open button


uncheck simulate type and try and try click before typing option (expierment with these two)


Thanks, everything works now!

Only thing… Is there any way to make the whole process faster? It took like 1.5 hours to run through all the work items


Glad to hear that ! not as of now, from what i know the runtime for the excersie is pretty slow for most developers . Even for me it took time. But hey you learn and pass the asisgnment finally haha :smiley:

if your query is resolved please mark an appropriate solution so in future others can benefit

Thanks and goodluck


I was recording my desktop for submission and I got an ambiguous error “Some problems were encountered” or something like that… Previously I had no problems with the workflow, never encountered this before. What could cause this?


sometimes happens, just reset the data and try or try after a bit

in rare cases I have observed if something was input too fast (like clicking save button before a file path was fully entered) can also cause this

So basically add delays near upload/download activities in your flow to be safe


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