Acme-test Unauthorized? Performer Workflow, Advanced Course


When the dialog box opens to save the file, wherever the folder location is currently, that’s where the file gets downloaded.


Here is what my Performer workflow looks like (1.7 MB)


Then probably ur path is not being entered properly in ur save as dialogue box

for some reason the path entered in filename field is not being recorded by the dialgue box and it is picking the default value


change the save button click after entering the report path
title=’&Save’ />


title=’*;Save’ />


Now it halts at the save file dialog.

(When I try to access Data\Temp, it says not accessible, Access is denied) <-- does not happen anymore, but the workflow is still stuck at save file dialog

System exception.Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' idx='1' title='Save As' /><wnd ctrlid='1' title='*;Save' /> at Source: Invoke System1_CreateYearlyReport workflow: Click 'Button'


remove the ; just do *Save


ok, the file is downloaded to the correct location, the Read CSV works…

now there is supposed to be a text notification saying that the file has downloaded successfully but it doesn’t appear and UiPath is waiting for it to appear, then produces a timeout

On Element Appear 'text Notification': Activity timeout exceeded

not sure if this is expected and I should remove this On Element Appear, or there is something wrong with the execution flow. Cos in the walkthrough it was stated to close the notification that file was successfully downloaded


yay! one problem solved.

well… for purpose of assignment… remove it but yeh in future if you wish to learn you can try tinkering around. it is not required as such


Ok I checked and the Download Complete notification actually appeared and UiPath detected it. (on screen the notification appeared for a split second before closing)

However, although it was handled successfully, the workflow still freezes after closing it and I still get output:

On Element Appear 'text Notification': Activity timeout exceeded
System exception.Activity timeout exceeded at Source: Invoke System1_CreateYearlyReport workflow: On Element Appear 'text Notification'

Not sure why it would freeze and I still get this error even though the notification was detected successfully

Latest progress: (531.6 KB)


just a sample of the output log


Any help?


what browser are you using?


Am using Internet Explorer for this assignment


Here is what happens when i disable the activities to close the notification

It cannot detect the downloaded file anymore

Not sure why it is also being used by another process


See the concept is like this:

  1. Navigate to the Download Page
  2. Enter Details and Select First month (january)
    3.Select year (2018)
  3. Click Download Report Button
    5.If Report is available save as dialgue box pops up (or notification below IE and you click save as there to get pop up)
  4. Fill in details in filename (the path) and click Save
  5. Change the Month and click download button (blue one) again
  6. repeat till all months exhausted

Try to follow this sequence as closely as possible


Already doing this in the workflow. Even though it successfully saves the monthly file, when it wants to read that same file from the exact same location it cannot find it


That only happens if the path given in Read CSv is incorrect or file was never sucessfully downloaded (maybe download takes time and it skips ahead to read while the file isnt even finished downloading)

a delay of some sort perhaps?


I added a delay of 00:00:01, no more error but the workflow executes very slowly between each month

How do I reduce this time further? Also is there an additional source of delay given that the specified delay in the activity is only 1 second?


Well good news… It works at least :smiley:

Use simulate click and type whererver possible to speed things up a dleay of 1-2 seconds should be enough


Already using Simulate Click and Type… still takes too long