Acme-test no emails arrive yo my inbox

I am trying to get exercise materials pushing the “Notify me” button on ACME System 1 - Dashboard web page, but nothing happens. I typed in my email address, I proved I am not a robot, but no single email is coming into my inbox.
Any clue?
Thanks in advance

Hello @Alejandro_Altman , Welcome to uipath community
Its may be temporary issue, Try after some times.

Hi @Alejandro_Altman! Have you checked your Spam folder? Or if your company allows emails from external sources?

You can send me your email address in a private message and I’ll send you the emails.

Hi @Alejandro_Altman

You will receive the mail as soon as possible.

@Bianca.Dragu , For me it taken around 15 hrs to get the mail from ACME.

Can you assist on this it taking so much time?


Our Academy team has looked into it and found out some issues to be resolved. The emails can indeed get clogged and become a bit delayed (hours even), but they will work on fixing the issue.

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