ACME System 3 error

Hello friends,

I have a problem with ACME System 3 (with some of the challenges from ACME website) .
App is broken, and i cannot continue to develop the solution.
See the picture.

Does anyone have newer version of the application?

Hi @srdjan.suc

Kindly use this URL and reset the data and try once buddy
and try in IE rather than in Chrome
as IE is more reliable with uipath

Cheers @srdjan.suc

But this has no connection with Chrome or IE, this is a desktop application.

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aaha you are application then
kindly have a view on this once buddy
Cheers @srdjan.suc

Okay, thank you, i will see to test the application in different environment to see if some other application is interfering with it

Fine buddy
you got the point, great
Cheers @srdjan.suc

Kindly try and let know for any clarification or queries
Cheers @srdjan.suc

When i do it by hand it does not throw this error, but when i use “Double Click” activity exception happens

@srdjan.suc How to select check date from date picker in system 3 desktop app.

You can Type Into activity and then send the date.


It works for me if i keep acme-system3.exe application and checktemplate image files inside my project directory.

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Like this or?

Try like this:
Don’t forget to change path of exe file in config.

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Never occurred for me to try it like this. Thanks, I will check it out

It works for me in continuous automation as well. I think check template jpeg file should be in working directory

It worked, nice :slight_smile:

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