Acme System 1 just stopped letting me login

I have seen this mentioned a number of times where user has suddenly for no apparent reason their Acme System1 account stops allowing to login. suggesting credentials maybe screwed.
My account has been working fine since I started the academy training 2 months ago.

Today whilst running Assignment 2 login workflow it fails to login. Using my login details manually on all browser types results in the same issue. Page just posts and ends up with the login page again.

I did not find any previous solutions and desperately want to get on and finish my assignment.

Can anyone help ?

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This is happening to myself and another user as well. I’ve tried all the usual diagnostics from different browsers, clearing cache/cookies etc, private browsing, and nada. I’m guessing something is going on with their server which hosts the application since it’s randomly at times letting me log in, but extremely random.

Frustrating since I’m trying to practice for the practical exam doing the additional work item training with System 1 & System 3 but the System 1 login just fails all the time.

I’m still unable to login ~5 hours later. Just submitted a ticket to their support team via /contact-us page, so we’ll see if they’re able to help.

Hi there,
Experiencing the same issue. Tried login in manually, did not work.
Clearing history, cache and cookies did not help either.
Problem seem to be from their end.

Could someone from support help with this issue pls?

Totally frustrating as there appears to be no tech support as such that you can call up and have sime take a look.

Hiw are we supposed to get accredited if we can do the work !!!

Let me know if you find a fix. I would be indebted Jonathon.

Thanks for the update Jonathon

Do not worry, we are always watching out for issues :slight_smile:

This particular one was addressed and the website should be running fine now.


Ok Ill give it a try now

Many thanks for your response…

Thanks @loginerror - Just imo… a notice or reply that you’re looking into it would be much appreciated and make patrons aware you’re working on the issue - otherwise it may seem as if nothing is being looked into :slight_smile:

This has been resolved on my end now - thanks.

Looks like server is up and running ok again now. I have loggin okay…

Has everyone else got back in now ?

Hello there!

I’ve been trying to connect to the ACME System 1, but it looks like it has been having issues since yesterday around 4 PM CT, and today its not letting me log in at all :frowning:


WE are again getting issues. Unable to login to ACME system1.
Can you please look into it.
Why does it happen so frequently? :frowning:

How to log a ticket with them?

Same here. I had intermittent issues since yesterday 12PM CST, switching browsers or clearing cache helped resolve login issues temporarily yesterday, although today I am unable to login at all.

Even me unable to login into Acme system1.Please help me out.


Same here.Unable to login to ACME system1.
When the bug will it be fixed.


Login is working currently for me. Still having issues or have they been resolved?

@Aishwarya28 Re:Ticket creation - it’s for enterprise account holders/users which I am apart of technically due to where I work. Unfortunately they don’t offer it for free users due to resource constraints I’m sure. Hard to support thousands of free clients AND paid ones while developing an AI & IDE/Studio

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All good with my login/account J

Resolved now, thank you.

I seem to be experiencing the same exact issues that were previously discussed in this thread. Is the server experiencing an outage again? I am logging in with valid credentials, but the page seems to just refresh itself without letting me in. I have tried clearing cash, private browsing, etc. but nothing is working. I appreciate any assistance you have to offer!

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