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I am running performer workflow for assignment 2 Level 3. When my robot trying to extract the TaxID value, the ACME site appear this and thus my robot is unable to extract the value required throwing error.

I have tried to reset the ACME data, Clear Queue and clear cache in IE Rerun the project from dispatcher and still having the same problem when reach the extraction of TaxID value in the performer workflow.

Can anyone help me?

try by doing the same manually…


I can access it by login in the click on the Workflow then look for WI4 and click on the magnifying glass icon of the WI4 type then copy the TaxID value then click on the Reports and select Upload monthly report and put the TaxID value and so on.

@Sam_Kong - pls try to delete and recreate the queue in your orchestrator.

Execute the 1st project to fill the queue and try to run the 2nd project to extract the tax id.
(am assuming you have 2 projects - 1) to fill the queue 2) to execute the process)

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As I have mentioned, I have done all the steps.