Acme not working

acme system not working.

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which you were trying to use buddy
Cheers @balajithiru4

me too ,

Kindly please wait for few more mins, acme website will get back sooner…
just now checked with that

Cheers @dogebi @balajithiru4


can u ,tell me , how to next step in level3 2-2…next pic

Hi buddy @dogebi

your submission is still in evaluation…kindly please wait till the acme website reloads and then give a check buddy…all the very best for your result

Cheers @dogebi …


May I know how long will it take ?

in quite sometimes, check in after two or three hours
might be help up with some maintenance work
Thats why buddy, but it will get back for sure
Cheers @balajithiru4