ACME email address


I am completing the Calculate Security Hash Assignment.

I am automating the process in which it redirects to the ACME website and enters my email and password. However, the automation is pulling through a comma (,com) for my email address and i have no idea why or how to rectify.

Does anyone have an idea on how i can get round this or fix?

Hey @2f07f518b35f0f029fc2

Correct me if I am wrong …

You problem is while typing emailAddress for ACME site- your bot is typing usernamr@acme,com instead of .

If this is the case , You can use the Universal search of Uipath and give the incorrect values here

Once you are able to locate it , correct it and procced.


Hi Mukesh,

Thanks for the response, appreciate the help

It seems there was an issue in my Windows Credential Manager (in case anyone else has this issue, check there)