ACME - ClientSecurityHash - extracted work items, not all updated

I am on Advance traing assignment - ACME - Client security hash - Work items extraction and update. Framework execution completed without error. i noticed that although all work items are extracted and filtered(WI5), processing transaction start from index 1 then 3, 5, 7 and so on. Due to this, not all work items are updated. could you please advise what can be the issue? I have added screenshot below.


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Are you incrementing TransactionNumber any where in the flow ?

If yes then delete it and hope you are using REFramework and here TransactionNumber will increment automatically and no need to increment it again. In SetTransactionStatus workflow it will increment one by one.

And also i observed in the output that there is some extra space in between client details. Please delete that and because of that also you may fail this assignment.

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Thanks @lakshman.
I incremented on Get transaction data flow. I have removed it now, it is updating all work items now:)

there are 13 work items extracted, 12 of them updated, on last one it is throwing “index was outside the bounds of the array”
what can be issue here?



In Assign activity, it should be like this.

       out_TransactionItem = dt_Workitems(in_TransactionNumber - 1)

hi @lakshman
I have updated assign activity, however it is failing on first transaction

I have worked out the issue, it was declaration with default value. it is executing without error and updating all work items.
Thanks @lakshman for your help.

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As i Can see in the attached screenshot in_TransactionNumber started with 0 and because of that you are getting this error.

Go to Init state and set TransactionNumber variable to 1 and then try once.

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Glad to help you. Happy Automation :grinning:

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