Accuracy of DU Extractors


Is there a option to extract the data from various templates (around 10-20) using “Form Extractor” or “Intelligent Extractor” without using “ML Extractor” or using combination of “AI Center” and get the accuracy more that 90% that would be an added advantage for the capability of using Document Understanding.

Also combination of AI Center works absolutely fine with the ML models accuracy.



Hi Suraj,

With “templates” do you refer to layouts? If so, for multiple layouts, we recommend training your custom model as per these guidelines: Training High Performing Models
Could you give it a try & let us know how it works ? :slight_smile:

Hi @Monica_Secelean

Template here I meant was different variations of documents, and ML Model works absolutely great for these type of extraction with more than 90% accuracy rate.

I was wondering if the “Form Extractor” or “Intelligent Form Extractor” with the same accuracy rate, which would reduce the ease of using ML Model.


We recommend using the FE (as IFE will be deprecated) for low variations of documents - maybe give it a try & let us know if you encounter issues?