Account vs Tenancy vs Cant API auth

Hi Guys,
Im totally confused and virtually on the verge of thinking that this tech does not work.
There appears to be something a miss with your account creation on platform vs tenancy creation process.
I have created an account logged into the platform.uipath area, linked up the machine to the agent to the orchestrator and published my Projects successfully.
However, I am unable to authenticate via API. Try as a may I cannot seem to auth against the api.
So My colleague insists I created the account wrong, and that I should start with registering a tenancy first via the /Account/RegisterTenant. I do this and can now authenticate via api on this new tenancy but cannot login to it via the platform.
Is there a way I can login to the plaform and then register a tenancy or are the two synonymous with each other, I would have thought they were ?

Please help me.

Hi Guys,
Please let me know - Im going a little crazy.
Do you have a problem with your platform at the moment ?

Hi @Nicholas_Karlsen

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There are a few things.

First, - here you can create your cloud account which will allow you to manage your licenses. It is now in a public preview.

After your account is created, please navigate to the Services tab and click your Orchestrator instance to enter it.

Now, that is all that needs to be done to use Orchestrator. However, Cloud API is a bit trickier to use than it used to be. See here for an official doc piece about it:

You will need to follow all the steps there to successfully authenticate your session.

I happened to make a short guide with a robot process that will help you in generating your tokens. See here:

and here: