Account to Cloud platform vs platform URL

I am sure many people are having the same issue or question but somehow, I can neither found what I am looking for - or not matching exactly.
Situation is simple. I have a account for a few months, working my way in various excercises and bots. Comes the new platform the cloud one - It is, I understand, supposed to be the new for the same web platform to monitor, control, …etc bots.
Yet, in this case, I do not expect to have to create an account? But I cannot login. If I did not have a link to the old platform login, I’d be locked out. I do not want to lose the details, assets, queues, robots, stats… all the data I already have with my existing tenant.

So - can someone point out what’s going on here? How is this migration from first to latest supposed to happen?


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You can use forgot password option to reset your password. I am not sure on this, but I think in you needed to provide user name and in cloud you need to provide email address.

Hi @fegh,

Use the url and login with your email address and password, if you dont remember the password, do a password reset and login.

After you login see the tab called services and click on it.

After you click on services you can see the tenant name and the details of the tenant which you would have created using old Orchestrator URL.

Click on the Tenant name as shown in above screenshot in my case Bandamanil is my tenant.

After you click on this tenant, you can see your assets, queues, processes, robots, environments,Machines,Packages information which you had previously.

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Problem comes before that. As pointed, I cannot log in the “cloud” one, but do log in the “platform” - no password forgotten here.
The cloud one simply tell me bad user and password when I use my email and password.
So there is something else going on.
I don’t understand why I should reset a password if I know mine already.

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@fegh It seems there is a new password policy in

Minimum 8 characters, at least one upper case letter, lower case letter, special character & number. This might be the reason why you can’t login with the old password.

Try resetting and use a password with that matches the policy.

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Hi @fegh,

Yes your password is for, but Uipath have integrated everything in Cloud and orchestrator is also inside cloud platform.

And you didn’t create password for Cloud RPA login, but your email is registered so you will get a email to reset the password and Single Sign on feature is enabled so once you login to Cloud platform, you dont have to login again to orchestrator, same password used for cloud RPA will be taken to login to orchestrator.

Thats the reason you have to reset the password while logging to Cloud RPA


@ KannanSuresh - nope can’t be: my password match the policy already.

Anil - so I will attempt a reset and let the result known

Yes it worked. The reset got me in.
One bizarre outcome on the new platform is that the Dashboard is available at[tenantID]/[tenantID].
Thank you for getting me there.


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