Account not found error

Hi All,

I am getting error as account not found after pressing execute button on SAP application,

After getting error i need to take next customer.

Please guide.

@amruta_pawar Sorround the execute activity with Try catch and add exception.This will skip the error and move to next step… If you wnat to skip to next queue item,enclose all the related activites within a single try catch block

did the same but its not going to next for loop row… its going on next step.

You have to sorround the activites within the loop so that it will skip and continue the next loop item. You might have sorrounded try catch around the loop

Its going on send hotkey step, which i dont want.

You have to put try catch for the sequence so it will be applicable collectively for all

in whole sequence there are 2 screens so its not able to fetch exception on that step its going next to send hot key and flow getting stop due to selector error.

I am not sure if i understood the scenario right. On looking at your screenshot, there are two sections.For one section already you have applied try catch and the other section for send hot key ,you havent applied…pls try removing the already added try catch and put a single try catch for both these sections.In the screenshot you can see the “sequence” right,next to for each row…

Thi will skip whatever selector errors you have within these two sections,thereby moving to next item available in for loop

i tried still not able to catch this exception so i used if on text exists and its worked