Accidentally deleted the .Settings folder from my project

I accidentally deleted the .settings folder from my project and pasted it back from an earlier version. image

But I don’t see any files (being created) inside the sub-folders - debug and release. Will it affect when I run my project? I am not sure. Any guidance is helpful!! Thanks!!

This is where it stores project settings etc.

Yes it could impact your automation if you had set things differently from the default and now copying them back from earlier.

Can’t you get the original files out of your Recycle Bin?

don’t copy from previous version. delete that if you did it.

Just close the project completely and open it again.

Yes it should recreate those things when the project is opened, but the problem is he’ll lose any settings he had changed.

yes, if he changes anything after the last save command.

Try it @chauhan.rachita30, that’s the only way to go after it. If you are having any source control enabled that’ll be a saver for you.

Else just open the file redo some work if required

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