Accessing Queues on other Systems

Can UiPath Studio only access Queues on the local system or is it possible to access Queues that reside across the network?

Uipath Queues will be always there in orchestrator.
you can access it in studio/robot if its connected to particular orchestrator.

At a time it can access from one orchestrator which is connected with your robot agent.

Thank you.

As I noted, my limitation is I am only working with Studio at this time.

To be clear, if there are 3 PC’s running UiPath Studio (not Orchestrator) on the same network, then they can all see and access the same Queue?

Without Orchestrator you can not use standard Queues feature.
You need to take different approach for managing your Queue items/transactions (i.e. excel sheet in shared folder / database which is accessible from all 3 PC).

Hi @phillip.dickinson,

Welcome to UiPath Form buddy, that’s really a good question to start with.

You can make use of Queues in orchestrator in any machine, and that is its sole purpose, like we upload data to queues using one machine with the help of a robot(termed as “Dispatcher”) and make use of those queues in other machine, with the help of a robot (termed as “Performer”)

Coming to your limitations, UiPath can break that limitation :), you can make use of orchestrator community as a new tenant. If you are aware, we are happy else no problem kindly refer to this link,


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Thank you for the excellent response.

In your response however, you mentioned that I would not be able to use other standard queue features. Are you referring to basic queue actions such as AddQueueItem, UpdateQueueItem, DeleteQueueItem, or UpdateStatus? Or something more complex like queue
transactions? Thanks again for your clear explanation and help.

Yes, I am referring these features as standard queues features.

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