Accessing Public Folders With Office 365 Activities

How to access mails from a public folder using Office 365 Activities?

Public Folders are a legacy concept in Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online and they are not accessible via Graph API (the underlying service of the Office 365 activities). There would be limited ways to programmatically access them. Please find below the available options:

  1. Use Outlook activities - These activities require Outlook Desktop to be installed and will interact with the Desktop app, being able to access all its contents. Read more about it About the Mail Activities Package

Get Emails From A Public Folder In Outlook is a thread explaining how to retrieve emails from the public folders using those activities.

  1. Use Invoke PowerShell to use the PowerShell-specific cmdlets to manage those folders. More details and PowerShell cmdlets are Get-MailPublicFolder.
  1. Another option is to consider using Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, or Shared Mailboxes as a form of collaboration and to replace Public folders. This method allows using the Microsoft 365 Activities, which work through Graph API.