Accessing Orchestrator website makes Application Pool crash

How to resolve the Application Pool crash in Orchestrator 2019.10.14, occurring whenever the Orchestrator web page is accessed?

The Orchestrator website does not stay up round the clock and hence , when its page is accessed, the Application pool crashes. The procedure to troubleshoot is as follows: 

Version : Orchestrator 2019.10.14  was in use for this scenario, but any version could be affected.

1) Uninstall the SCOM agent. 
2) If SCOM agent is required, reinstall it and during installation specify NOAPM=1 

Stop IIS site
run the MS Agent installer with the extra parameters: NOAPM=1
#this will only delete the APM monitoring
msiexe.exec /fvomus “MsMonitoringAgent.msi” NOAPM=1

For more details visit the link shared below: