Accessing "online archive" with Exchange Activities


A number of our shared mailboxes have also an attached ‘online archive’ in outlook.
I know how to access this ‘online archive’ using ‘Get Outlook Mail Message’.

But I would like to know how I can make this work using the ‘Get Exchange Mail Message’ instead, as this has proven to be more stable in our environment.

Thanks for any input.

Hey @sven.wullum1

How are you accessing it using Outlook activity?


For ‘Get Outlook Mail Message’ you can set the properties like so to access the ‘Online Archive’

I’ve tried variations of this on the properties for ‘Get Exchange Mail Message’, but with no success.

Okay @sven.wullum1

But are you sure is this an online archive ?


Yes, this is an Online Archive.

Okay may be try in folder name instead of account

I appreciate you trying to help, but as I’ve stated I’ve already tried different variations in the ‘Get Exchange Mail Message’ activity.

The intuitive way would be to set the ‘SharedMailbox’ to "Online Archive - "+address the same way it is for ‘Get Outlook Message’, but the SharedMailbox input requires SMTP address format.

I’ve also tried variations for the ‘MailFolder’ input, but I think the solution lies in finding the SMTP address for the Online Archive. But I don’t know how.